About NEVE Wellness

We are two sisters, Sarah and Laura. NEVE Wellness was born from a desire to create spaces and products that would support women to live with balance and vitality at the core of everything they do.

We have big plans for the future and we'd love you to come with us for the ride. Plant powered skincare to get you feeling good about your skin and reconnect you to nature, holistic therapies to let you unwind and recentre, and immersive events where you can try, learn and grow with a like-minded community of women.

Laura's story

After enduring years of difficulties with my menstrual cycle and fertility, I was forced to take a serious look at my lifestyle. Finding that a fast paced job, weekly travel and a busy social life weren't working for me I had to look for ways to slow down and care for myself.

Having always had a keen interest in self care and holistic therapies I decided this was the route for me. Not only did I find the support and coping mechanisms I was looking for but I also discovered a passion and a drive to move towards and continue my journey.

I took the big step to begin retraining, focusing on treatments that support the body and mind simultaneously. My passion lies with studying about how the body regenerates, factors impacting our hormones, energetic flow and how toxins build and can be released. From this I began building a treatment package including massage, facials, reiki, meditation and crystal therapy.

My passion for holistic therapies will see me develop treatment care packages that support one another and support mental and physical wellbeing. The goal is to encourage people where possible to adopt treatments as a regular investment in self care as opposed to a last minute intervention. Alongside this is a drive to teach self help techniques allowing our community to adopt rituals at home.

Looking to the future, I am focusing on the set up of the NEVE Wellness studio and plan to continue my learning so that I can improve our offering with a level 5 in reflexology.

Sarah's Story

From a young age I struggled with my skin and in particular, acne and breakouts. I never really grew out of it and felt like everything I used irritated it further.

I decided to go back to basics and started researching natural ingredients and making basic products so I knew exactly what I was using. I started to really love these ingredients - their textures, scents, the impact they were having on my skin, it felt good to be treating it kindly with these botanical ingredients and the improvement was huge. For the first time since I was about 10 I started to feel good about my skin. I began studying skincare formulation and I loved every second. From there I completed an advanced cosmetic science diploma.

My love for natural products lead me to herbalism where I found a passion that I could not ignore. There is so much to be inspired by with plants - their properties & medicine, their structure and shape, their spirit, even the folklore is fascinating.

Now I bring my two two loves together to create nourishing skincare that is powered by these beautiful medicinal plants.

  • Quality ingredients

    Every one of our ingredients is chosen on its own merits. We always prioritise cold pressed oils so that you can get the very best out of them. We choose organic as much as possible and we love to buy British grown botanicals too.

  • Whole self nourishment

    Self care is word we hear a lot these days but to us true self care has to encompass the whole self. Body, mind and spirit with a generous dose of compassion. We love to integrate this ethos into everything we offer.

  • Connections to nature

    We believe that time in nature is time to reconnect to your origins. Our products are the essence of this idea and connect you to earthly ingredients everyday. We also love to share ideas about foraging, gardening and herbalism.

Get your Tri-Elixir

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