Summer skin repair with Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm

Summer skin repair with Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm

When we developed Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm we designed to be a deep repair balm that will ease inflammation and bring calm and peace to the skin. It is a cosy hug of a product that floods moisture to the skin. 

Making this balm versatile was really important to us, its simple formulation and ingredients mean that its uses go way beyond a simple facial moisturiser. I personally keep it close at all times. After nourishing my skin through the cold winter months, I'd love to share with you how I'll be using my Alchemy 7 through the summer months...

1. Bruise buster

As we start spending more time outside, with our skin and limbs exposed, we also become much more susceptible to bumping and bruising our skin. I can't count the amount of times I bought a lovely new summer outfit for a special occasion, only to be greeted by a huge ugly bruise on my shin.

The Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm is infused with plantain, calendula and chamomile, all beautiful herbs for calming inflammation and repairing the skin after bruising. Gently massage a little of the repair balm over the bruised area a couple of times a day.

2. Softening those rough edges

There's nothing like a rough, scaly elbow to really ruin your gorgeous new tan. This is where Alchemy 7 comes into its own. Oat ceramides and shea butter will soften, moisturise, and repair the skin with ease. Massage into elbows, knees and ankles twice a day to give the barrier a welcome comfort.

3. Soothe razor burn

As the skin's natural oils and moisture levels deplete in the summer months, the skin can be left feeling raw and stinging after shaving or hair removal. Try adding a lovely layer of Alchemy 7 to your skin after shaving to replenish the skin's barrier. Oat and chamomile will offer a soothing action, while chickweed and calendula will repair and cool. 

4. Ease sunburn

Alchemy 7 is a deeply repairing balm which will work to calm and regenerate the skin after suffering any sunburn. Applying Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm to the affected area twice a day will give the skin's barrier a chance to heal.

5. Take out the sting

With an abundance of repairing anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine herbs, the Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm can be gently applied to any bites or stings to reduce inflammation and soothe the affected area. 

I hope these tips have given you some useful ideas for getting the most out of your Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm this summer. It truly is a go-to repair balm that I wouldn't be without. 

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