Caring for your TRI-ELIXIR

Caring for your TRI-ELIXIR

We're sure you will have noticed the opulent violet glass bottles our TRI-ELIXIR comes in but did you know that this bottle has been chosen for more than just its good looks? 

These Miron glass bottles have unique properties that help to filter different light frequencies to protect the valuable ingredients inside and improve the shelf life. The TRI-ELIXIR is bursting with cold pressed plant oils - grape, cranberry, pomegranate, borage, carrot and much more. We have chosen cold pressed, unrefined versions of these oils as much as possible to bring you all the goodness that we can.

It means that whilst many facial oils have clear to light yellow colours, ours is a much more intense gold colour. It also means that the product has a shorter shelf life. In the skincare industry, refined oils are often used to reduce any scent and colour and extend the shelf life but it unfortunately means that lots of the goodness is lost in the processing. We are taking a purist approach to skincare, bringing you ingredients as close to the original plant as possible and this is an important part of our offering to you.

This is why we have chosen our beautiful Miron glass bottles, to give the TRI-ELIXIR that extra protection that it deserves.

What can you do at home to take best care of your TRI-ELIXIR? 

  • Keep the lid secured when not in use
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and heat
  • Use your Tri-Elixir by the BBE date on the bottom of the bottle (it has a 6M shelf life)

By following these simple and effect tips you'll get the absolute best that your skin deserves out of your TRI-ELIXIR. Enjoy!

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