Repairing a damaged skin barrier

Repairing a damaged skin barrier

The skin barrier can become damaged for a number of reasons, you first need to identify why the skin is compromised. Environmental factors such as the weather can often lead to an impaired skin barrier as can over use of strong actives such as retinol, exfoliating acids or even, physical exfoliants. 

When the skin barrier is compromised it might feel tender, raw, inflamed, and often there will be redness present. 

A compromised skin barrier can feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable. Often, when the skin barrier is damaged because of the reasons we have just discussed, it can be easily repaired with the right products and a little patience. 

You will most likely find that you need to adjust your routine slightly until any inflammation calms and the skin is soothed. 

Here are our five tips for repairing a compromised skin barrier:

1. Reach for the oils & balms

Plant oils are rich in anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that can repair the skin, as well as fatty acids that are proven to condition and regeneration skin tissues. Applying a few drops of oil at the end of your routine will go a long way to comfort and protect the skin while it heals.

2. Avoid Exfoliating

There's nothing like the gorgeous way your skin feels after exfoliating and it's often a favourite part of the skincare routine. However, a damaged skin barrier needs gentle care and patience, and exfoliating will likely worsen its condition . Don’t be tempted to follow your usual exfoliating routine until the skin is healed or you’ll risk further irritation.

3. Avoid harsh surfactants

The surfactants in cleansing foams and washes may be too irritating for your skin while it is tender or inflamed. Instead opt either for cream cleansers, or ideally a gentle cleansing oil or balm.

4. Look out for soothing and repairing ingredients

Some key plant ingredients to look out for in your products that will help the skin to repair include: calendula, rosehip, chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow, aloe vera, and oat. Look out for serums or moisturisers with hyaluronic acid. 

5. Boost your night routine

Over night is the perfect time to give your skin the chance to heal as your body rests and environmental irritants are minimised. Make sure you take a little time and care with your evening routine, applying your nourishing oils/balms and any gentle serums or moisturisers you may like. You'll really see the results in the morning after a little rest. 


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