Introducing Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm

Introducing Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm

Today we have launched the beautiful Alchemy 7 Comfort Balm. 

Alchemy 7 is designed to restore, replenish and comfort the skin. If you have particularly dry, stressed skin or irritated skin it will bring deep comfort and calm. 

Every ingredient in Alchemy 7 has its place in the process of mending and restoring the skin. We use 7 plant extracts, including our own in-house maceration of calendula, marshmallow root, nettle, plantain, and chickweed with oat and chamomile extracts.

The first version of this balm was made around two years ago. I truly think there is a place for a comforting and repairing balm in everyone's routine and I wanted to create something that was a versatile formulation too. As you'll know from the Tri-Elixir, I just love a versatile formulation, one that gives you some freedom and ease to care for your skin on your own terms.

The changes from the first ever comfort balm to this final version have been subtle and considered. We feel they have slowly come together to make something quite special that Laura and I have seen make a huge difference to our own skin.

My skin has always been on the dry side and the winter months would have always been a challenge. I've been using my Alchemy 7 balm morning and night and directly onto damp skin. The results have been quite something. My skin has remained plumped, moisturised and dewy throughout the cold months and I even find that it remains so right up to the end of the day.

On days when I've spent a lot of time outside in the windy weather of the Northumberland coast, I've enjoyed using Alchemy 7 as a gentle hot cloth cleanser. A sumptuous experience and deeply gentle on the skin.

Try melting a little into dry elbows and knees, or nourish freshly shaved legs with this green goodness. True skin alchemy. 

The scent is herbaceous, floral and a softly medicinal. It just smells good for you. Blue tansy, helichrysum, yarrow and geranium make it a deeply calming fragrance.

It is a pleasure to introduce this concentrated repair balm to you today and I hope it will bring deep comfort and restoration to your skin. 

You can find out more about Alchemy 7 and its ingredients here.  

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