Embracing your TRI-ELIXIR

Embracing your TRI-ELIXIR

The Tri-Elixir is finally here. I can tell you it has been a true labour of love. Its initial inception came over two years ago when I made it for my sister, Laura and I to try one summer and it has gradually grown and developed from there into the product that you can enjoy today.

We wanted to make a formulation that could sit at the core of your routine and be the product that you turn to again and again. We speak to so many women who want glowing skin without having to buy 10 different products. They want a beautiful sensual product that could also be functional and support their skin through the natural ageing process. This is what we were striving to achieve with the Tri-Elixir. Function, efficacy and a beautifully relaxing experience.

Its formulation is more potent than many ‘everything oils’ meaning it really delivers on the facial serum front. It’s rich in antioxidants, skin loving fatty acids, and reduces trans-epidermal water loss that leads to dry, dehydrated skin which many of us suffer with as our skin ages. Its texture lends well to be a being a gentle oil cleanser and the simplicity of the formulation means you don’t have to worry about it containing any drying surfactants like many cleansers.

Finally, the scent. We wanted to create a really relaxing, spa-like experience whilst also considering the efficacy of the essential oils on the skin. The end result is floral, woody and a little citrusy. It includes beautiful essential oils such as geranium, chamomile, and petitgrain.

We truly hope that this is a product you will love. My wish is for you to have glowing nourished skin and a daily opportunity to reground.

How I use my Tri-Elixir:

I could not be without my Tri-Elixir now so I wanted to share with you the ways in which has become integral in my routine.

AM: I love to do a light oil cleanse on a morning, massaging the Tri-Elixir into my face and neck before removing with a hand-hot face cloth. The aromatic oils set me up beautifully for the day.

If my skin needs a little extra protection, I add a pump of the Tri-Elixir at the end of my skincare routine (but before SPF) and I'm ready for the day.

PM: I like to start my evening routine with a Tri-Elixir double cleanse, again removed with a face cloth soaked in hand hot water. On an evening I always double cleanse to remove any make-up and suncream. 

I then have a lovely soft clean canvas for my moisturiser. I finish off by massaging a pump of Tri-Elixir into my face and neck to ensure I wake up with plumped, softened, comfortable skin.

On the evenings that I have a bath I love to massage my Tri-Elixir into my damp skin and cocoon myself in the mood calming aromatic oils before bedtime. 

Finally, one of my other favourite ways to enjoy it is to re-ground myself through the day. A little pump of Tri-Elixir massaged into my hands and deeply inhaled in  beautiful way to take a moment to calm my mind and wind down. 

Sarah, NEVE Wellness co-founder x


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