Crystals for connecting to your feminine

Crystals for connecting to your feminine

This International Women's day we are going to dive into using crystals to begin a journey of connecting to your feminine and learning to listen to the calling of your intuition. 

Amethyst & Aquamarine are both beautiful crystals for honing in on your female intuition, allowing you see beyond the conscious and listening to your gut. In this day and age we are all too used to the conscious decision making we use in our day to day lives and sometimes don’t allow ourselves the luxury of listening to our subconscious. 

Try taking half an hour to meditate or lie down, switch off and relax holding your amethyst or aquamarine. See what involuntary thoughts come to you or listen to what your gut tells you about a specific situation. Alternatively carry them around with you on a daily basis, the frequency they vibrate at will work its energetic magic while you’re on the go. It's best though to put your amethyst away before you go to bed, it's known to induce intense dreams for some.

Moonstone is the ultimate companion for all women, helping to balance male and female energies. It’s great for calming the mind and soothing strong emotions. It’s been known for its uses by women during their menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and childbirth for centuries. It’s known for its ability to help you tune into your Intuition, wisdom and knowledge so is great for intuitive decision making.

Try sitting with, or carrying, a moonstone when you feel overcome with irrational thoughts or feelings and can’t think straight. Part ways with your moon stone around the full moon, some find the intense energy of both can be overwhelming. Leave your crystal out under the light of the moon instead, this will work to cleanse your moonstone.

We recommend that you always look for ethical crystal retailers, and enquire about ethics when sourcing if you are unsure. 

We hope this guide will help you to begin, or enhance, your crystal journey, connecting to your divine feminine energy and intuition. 

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